As much as we love listening to the ukulele, playing it is even better! We’ve got a phenomenal workshop lineup for you learn new skills or hone your talent.

Workshops are listed according to the festival schedule (this will probably change but will be locked down two weeks out from the festival!) and include the suggested participant experience level: Beg – beginning player, Exp – Experienced player, Adv – Advanced player.

11 – 11:45am

Ukulele Boot Camp led by Craig Chee
Craig’s most popular workshop! Craig’s ever-adapting Boot Camp will dive into a ton of exercises that will help strengthen and quicken your fingers as well as focus on your tone.

We will then show how these exercises are applied to intermediate and even advanced techniques to take you to the next level! ‘Ukulele beginners to intermediates will have lots to chew on as there are many variations for all levels.
*High G tuning recommended

Singing the Strings led by The Naked Waiters

12 – 12:45pm

Hand Strengthening led by Sarah Maisel
As an Ukulele Player who has arthritis, I understand that it can be difficult to play. Join me as I show you ways to improve hand strength and flexibility. We will go over exercises with the ukulele and ALSO cover stretches and other techniques you can do while you are AWAY from your ukulele. As a special edition, we will also cover some ‘cheater’ chords you can use when you just can’t get your fingers to work.

Melodic Meditations led by Daniel Ward
(Exp – Adv)
Follow up method to arpeggio studies, this time with melodic content – easy to learn great-sounding short pieces that improve sound and ability.

1 – 1:45pm

Intro to Soloing (Ridiculously Easy Music Theory) led by Craig Chee
(Beg – Exp)
Ever wonder how the pros do it? Craig will show you the tricks to starting your solos. Whether it’s playing solo, or jamming with others, he will get you feeling confident about your skills. Utilizing drills, a bit of theory,  and exercises that are fun and easy to practice, you’ll have a blast in this class. Get out of your strumming rut and start soloing!

End Game led by Daniel Ward
Experience the power of learning music backward. Fewer mistakes and more confidence with anything you play.

2 – 2:45pm

Transposing Songs led by Sarah Maisel
(Exp – Adv)
What do you mean there is another key besides C?! YES there is – and Sarah will take you through every step, giving you the confidence to be able to transpose ANY STYLE of song! Transposing is a wonderful tool and has a variety of uses. With this skill, you can get songs to be in your right vocal range, or even add extra dimension to your songs by changing keys WITHIN the tune! No prior music theory required.

Smart Phone Blues led by Daniel Ward
(Beg – Adv)
Learn a great way to play the blues using your own phone as a back-up track while we learn a cool blues melody on top

3 – 3:45pm

Shaping Your Sound led by Craig Chee
(Beg – Exp)
Every Musician has their own voice, and this class will help you create yours. Craig will take you through expanding the basics of hammer-ons/Pulls offs, Percussive elements, as well as some right-hand techniques to get you on your way. You’ll be surprised at how simple elements can completely change the feel and sound of a song. All the techniques taught in this class can be used on any form of music- whether it be Island Pop, Jazz, or Rock and Roll. This is the perfect class for the strummer who is looking to do more than strum. You must be comfortable with your basic chord shapes and be prepared to play a few barre chords.

Harmonies and Songwriting led by The Naked Waiters

Workshop schedule, description and lineup subject to change and artist availability. Workshops are limited to room capacity and are provided on a first come first serve basis.