About Us

AV Ukes for Schools

AV Ukes For Schools is a local 501(c)3 non-profit that brings music to Antelope Valley classrooms through the joy of ukulele. We do this by outfitting interested teachers with a classroom set of real ukuleles, student and instructor materials at no cost. We empower local teachers to share their love of music with their students.

We’ve stared ukulele music programs in classrooms in the Lancaster, Palmdale, Keppel and Westside School Districts, with more teachers waiting to start an ukulele program in their classrooms.

Where the money goes

More than great time, AV Uke Fest is a fundraiser for AV Ukes For Schools. Every dollar raised through the festival or donations goes one of two places: to cover the costs of the festival or to fund our school ukulele programs. Every member of the AV Ukes For Schools team is a volunteer, with no money or other compensation paid out to them. We also make every effort to keep festival costs down, ensuring that most of your hard earned dollars end up in local classrooms.

Humble beginnings

AV Ukes for Schools and AV Uke Fest both have grown out of the Antelope Valley Ukulele Club. Originally founded by Dr. John Birsner, John passed the reigns of the club to Mike Lemos a few years back. Mike, along with fellow club members Nancy, Kathleen, Mack and Tom, formed the initial Board of Directors for AV Ukes for Schools (Mike still did most of the work, though). This core team has helped make each year of AV Uke Fest a success and bring music and the joy of ukulele to classrooms in the Antelope Valley.

Mike & Nancy

Mike and Nancy Lemos are the power couple behind AV Uke Fest and AV Ukes For Schools. Together, they have long shared their love of music with others, Nancy as an elementary school teacher and as the head of AV Ukes for Schools pilot class, and Mike in the various bands, groups and clubs he has played in.

Mike and Nancy serve as the main guiding force of AV Uke Fest and AV Ukes for Schools. Warm and friendly, you’ll love them the moment you meet them. They are the very embodiment of the spirit of Aloha.